Habits of Highly Effective Businesses

Practice does Not make perfect. Rather, practice makes permanent. Just as in our personal efforts, our businesses must practice good processes until they become permanent and therefore good business habits. We need to discard business bad habits that prevent profits.

Habits of Planners
Part 1 of a three part series on habits of planners. Companies that report being satisfied with their budgets also report having less detail in their budgets. Companies with greater detail reported less satisfaction. This counter intuitive observation means that many planners who go to greater detail are actually driving satifaction lower.

Allocating Information Technology Overhead to internet Products
Allocating IT to products must follow two basic principles: 1) Follow Cause and Effect; and 2) Analyze behavioral implications of the costing process. Finally, a small portion of overhead can be absorbed by products as long as the amount is small and will not significantly impact decision making.